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Wales Arts Review is excited to announce plans to return in April of 2015.

As debates go, the ones that have been going on within the halls of Wales Arts Review recently have been amongst the sharpest and most progressive I have ever found myself in. It has been an enjoyably bruising couple of months. The upshot is that we are finding ways to continue our work, and are currently in the process of redesigning the website in order to better serve the new vision for our future. This future will focus upon an active attempt to raise the level of cultural criticism in this country; we will continue to support the arts, to look outwards, to innovate, and to be fiercely independent.

I would also like to offer the thanks of the entire team for the overwhelming public support for the Review shown over the last few months. Quite simply, it was the most powerful argument for keeping the Review alive. But many organisations have come to the rescue also; vital contributions at the vital moment. Wales Arts Review will continue because we have been convinced that we are needed.

To try and achieve what we aim to achieve, we have even expanded our editorial team: Cerith Mathias, Laura Wainwright and Craig Austin will become our new Associate Editors, (joining myself, Phil Morris, Dean Lewis, Steph Power, John Lavin and Ben Glover), investing their considerable talent and experience into helping the Review realise its ambitions. Wales Arts Review is going to be bigger, better, more vital and relevant than it has ever been.

We have a deep well of ideas, and, as always, we will be looking for new voices to populate our pages. To that end we will be taking open submissions for the next few months, both for writers and visual artists. If you think you have what it takes to be a Wales Arts Review writer, or wish to dazzle me with ideas for visuals or new media, then send an example of your work to me on and we can begin a conversation. You don’t have to be the finished product – we take great pleasure in helping to develop these new voices. Just drop me an email and we’ll see where it goes.

We are very much looking forward to building the new Review over the coming months, and can’t wait to get back to publishing the best writing in Wales.

Watch this space for further announcements.

Very best wishes,


Gary Raymond


Wales Arts Review


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