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100 Greatest Welsh Albums of All Time

Wales Arts Review has brought together its editors and contributors to compile a list of the 100 greatest Welsh albums of all time

Wales, throughout its history, has always been a land of song. Welsh tradition places a high value on music, and it is a major part of Wales’ national culture. As far back as the twelfth century, there is historical record of distinct, unique music coming from Wales and that continues to this day.

Over the past few decades, major music publications have compiled lists of what their editors and contributors feel to be the greatest albums and songs of all time, but Wales Arts Review’s editors and contributors strived to create a list that celebrates Welsh musical output.

Wales Arts Review has put together a list of what we feel to be the 100 greatest albums to come from Wales. The entries range from the 1950s all the way to the present day, with well-known international icons such as Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey, rising stars such as Cate Le Bon and Meilyr Jones, and everyone in between. Modern Welsh music encompasses everything from folk, rap and electronic. Join us as we celebrate the wonder and uniqueness of Welsh music.

Here is our list of the 100 greatest Welsh albums:


Greatest Welsh Albums, Manics, Jones

100: Los Campesinos!

We Are Doomed, We Are Beautiful

(2008, Wichita Recordings)

99: KEYS

Ring the Changes

(2014, Libertino Recordings)

98: Tom Jones

A-Tom-ic Jones

(1966, Decca)

97: Manic Street Preachers

Gold Against the Soul

(1993, Sony Music)

96: Anchoress

The Art of Losing

(2021, Kscope)

95: Catatonia

International Velvet

(1998, Warner Music)

94: Gwenifer Raymond

Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain

(2021, Tompkins Square)

93: Rollo


(2021, Bard Picasso)

92: Jon Langford

Skull Orchard Revisited

(2012, Verse Chorus Press)

91: Koreless


(2021, Young)


Greatest Welsh Albums, Manics

90: Euros Childs

Miracle Inn

(2007, Wichita Recordings)

89: Skamma

The Wishing Chair


88: Zarelli

Soft Rains

(2015, Bronzerat)

87: H. Hawkline

In the Pink Condition

(2015, Heavenly Recordings)

86: Shirley Bassey


(1970, Parlophone)

85: Manic Street Preachers

Everything Must Go

(1996, Sony Music)

84: Islet

Illuminated People

(2012, Shape Records)

83: Dub War


(1995, Earache Records)

82: The Joy Formidable

Into the Blue

(2021, Hassle Records)

81: Llio Rhydderch


(2003, Welsh Fflach Tradd)


Greatest Welsh Albums

80: Pretty Vicious

Beauty of Youth

(2019, Big Machine Records)

79: Bitw


(2019, Klep Dim Trep)

78: Jack Da Trippa

Kim Chong Hon


77: Carwyn Elis & Rio 18


(2021, Recordaui Agati)

76: The Joy Formidable

The Hitch

(2016, C’mon Let’s Do It)

75: Joanna Gruesome

Peanut Butter

(2015, Fortuna POP!)

74: Sweet Baboo


(2013, Moshi Moshi Records)

73: Dylan Fowler and Julie Murphy


(2001, Fflach Tradd)

72: Colorama

Chaos Wonderland

(2020, Recordaui Agati)

71: The Darling Buds

Pop Said

(1988, Sony Music)


Greatest Welsh Albums, Cate Le Bon

70: Hippies Vs Ghosts


(2015, Ghosts Vs Hippies)

69: Blue Rondo à la Turk

Chewing the Fat

(1982, Cherry Red Records)

68: Super Furry Animals

Rings Around the World

(2001, Epic)

67: Ogun

Flight Mode

(2021, No Sleep Records)

66: R.Seiliog

In Hz

(2014, Turnstile Music)

65: Drinks

Hermits on Holiday

(2015, Heavenly Recordings)

64: Gwenno

Y Dydd Olaf

(2015, Heavenly Recordings)

63: Catatonia

Way Beyond Blue

(1996, Warner Bros)

62: Villaelvin


(2020, Hakuna Kulala)

61: Baby Queens

Baby Queens

(2016, Strangetown Records)


Greatest Welsh Albums, Cate Le Bon

60: Underworld

Second Toughest in the Infants

(1996, Smith Hyde)

59: Cate Le Bon

Crab Day

(2016, Amplify Music)

58: Cotton Wolf

Life in Analogue

(2017, Bubblewrap)

57: Scritti Politti

Anomie Bonhomie

(1999, Rough Trade)

56: Boy Azooga

1,2 Kung Fu!

(2018, Heavenly Recordings)

55: 9Bach


(2014, Real World Productions)

54: Datblygu


(1990, Ankstmusic)

53: The Pride

Magic & Molecules

(2019, DK Records)

52: Lleuwen

Gwn Glân Beibl Budr

(2018, Sain Cyf)

51: Huw Warren

Hundreds of Things a Boy Can Make

(1997, Babel Label)



50: Shirley Bassey

Born to Sing the Blues

(1957, Phillips)

49: Datblygu


(1988, Anhrefn Records)

48: Goldie Lookin’ Chain

Kings of Caerleon

(2013, 1983 Records)

47: Super Furry Animals


(2000, Domino Recording Co)

46: Audiobooks

Now! (In a Minute)

(2018, Heavenly Recordings)

45: Georgia Ruth

Fossil Scale

(2016, Proper Music Publishing)

44: Cian Ciaran

They Are Nothing Without Us

(2013, Strangetown Records)

43: Gruff Rhys


(2007, Rough Trade Records)

42: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

How I Long To Feel That Summer in My Heart

(2001, Mantra Recordings)

41: Mr Phormula


(2020, Mr Phormula)



40: Visage


(1980, Universal Recordings)

39: R.Seiliog


(2018, Turnstile Music)

38: Bendith


(2016, Banana & Louie Records)

37: Meic Stevens


(1970, Warner)

36: Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens

(2017, Smalltown Supersound)

35: Super Furry Animals

Phantom Power

(2003, Sony Music)

34: Gruff Rhys

Seeking New Gods

(2021, Rough Trade)

33: Adwaith


(2018, Libertino Records)

32: John Cale

Slow Dazzle

(1975, Island)

31: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

Gorky 5

(1998, Mercury)



30: Super Furry Animals


(1997, Creation)

29: Scritti Politti

Cupid & Psyche 85

(1985, Universal)

28: John Cale


(1974, Island)

27: Gruff Rhys


(2018, Rough Trade)

26: Neon Neon

Stainless Style

(2008, Lex Records)

25: Silent Forum

Everything Solved at Once

(2019, Libertino)

24: Man

2oz of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle

(1969, Sanctuary)

23: Marina and the Diamonds

The Family Jewels

(2010, 679 Recordings)

22: Datblygu


(2018, Ankstmusic)

21: Alex Dingley

Beat the Babble

(2018, Libertino)


Greatest Welsh Albums, Manic Street Preachers, SFA, Cate Le Bon

20: Super Furry Animals

Fuzzy Logic

(1996, Creation)

19: Audiobooks

Astro Tough

(2021, Heavenly Recordings)

18: Gwenno

Le Kov

(2018, Heavenly Recordings)

17: Group Listening

Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 1

(2018, Prah Recordings)

16: Meilyr Jones


(2016, Moshi Moshi)

15: Manic Street Preachers

Generation Terrorists

(1992, Sony Music)

14: Underworld


(1994, Junior Boy’s Own)

13: Cate Le Bon

Mug Museum

(2013, Amplify Music)

12: 60ft Dolls

The Big 3

(1996, Sony Music)

11: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci


(1997, Mercury Records)


Greatest Welsh Albums, Manics, Cate Le Bon

10: Gruff Rhys

American Interior

(2014, Turnstile)

9: Cate Le Bon


(2019, Mexican Summer)

8: Skindred

Roots Rock Riot

(2007, Bieler Bros)

7: Irma Vep

Embarrassed Landscape

(2020, Gringo Records)

6: John Cale 

Paris 1919

(1973, Reprise Records)

5: Manic Street Preachers

The Holy Bible

(1994, Epic)

4: Applied Science

We and the Devil

(2021, Mean Business Records)

3: Deyah

Care City

(2020, High Mileage, Low Life)

2: Young Marble Giants

Colossal Youth

(1980, Rough Trade)

1: Scritti Politti

Songs to Remember

(1982, Rough Trade)


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List compiled by Wales Arts Review and friends of the Review. Words by Cath Holland, Tilly Foulkes, Caragh Medlicott, John Lavin, Gray Taylor, Nerys Williams, Craig Austin, Jude Rogers, David Roche, James Deacon, Jack Boyce, Gareth Smith, Tomos Williams, and Gary Raymond.