American Teeth Stream Via Spotify

American Teeth by Superhand | A.i.R Playlist

In 2015, Superhand released their debut album, American Teeth. Here it is in its entirety free to stream on Spotify, along with a series of accompanying YouTube videos. Superhand is a freak-blues music group based in Cardiff, South Wales, and one of the chosen artists to take part in Wales Arts Review’s most recent series, Artists in Residence. Throughout 2017 these artists will take a leading creative role in what Wales Arts Review publishes, centring their skills on a challenging project over the course of a month. We were inundated with applications, receiving hundreds of emails about the positions, and it was no easy task whittling down all that talent to this final eleven. Our team of six editors debated long into the night, and in the end, we decided on a collection of people who we most want to work with, and whose work excites us. We think you will be excited by them too. 

Below we have created a playlist through Spotify that features each song from American Teeth, the Superhand’s 2015 album. This is free to stream in its entirety.

This is the video of one of the singles that is available on the album, Discipline Me. This music video is full of captivating visuals, which is accompanied very well by the catchy track.

Crystal Pianos is a 9:65 track but it is worth it in the end. The song keeps you interested throughout and it is available to stream via Spotify, or through their YouTube Channel.

The Boy is another track by Superhand which is available to stream via Spotify, or through their YouTube Channel, similarly to Crystal Pianos. Though, it is important to mention that this song is a few minutes shorter than Crystal Pistols, it is still as captivating.

This piece that discusses an album playlist called American Teeth by Superhand is part of the Artists in Residence series.