Offscript with Superhand

OffScript with Superhand by Gary Raymond | A.i.R

Gary Raymond presents a conversation in the form of an Offscript with Superhand podcast. Superhand is a freak-blues music group based in Cardiff, South Wales, and one of the chosen artists to take part in Wales Arts Review’s most recent series, Artists in Residence. Throughout 2017 these artists will take a leading creative role in what Wales Arts Review publishes, centring their skills on a challenging project over the course of a month. We were inundated with applications, receiving hundreds of emails about the positions, and it was no easy task whittling down all that talent to this final eleven. Our team of six editors debated long into the night, and in the end, we decided on a collection of people who we most want to work with, and whose work excites us. We think you will be excited by them too. 

OffScript with Superhand by Gary Raymond

Offscript with Superhand
Offscript with Superhand

Today Wales Arts Review welcome’s our Artists in Residence for the month of June, electronic experimental duo, Superhand. Last week Gary Raymond went up to their studio, a breathtaking space in a converted farmhouse in an isolated valley somewhere between Rhayader and the Elan Valley, where they spent the afternoon talking about the art of experimentation, how to push boundaries, and the creative joys of mistakes and randomness. The resulting podcast has become something of an experiment in itself – Wales Arts Review’s first experimental podcast if you like.

Jess and Mike’s Maltbarn studio is one of those awe-inspiring all-in life decisions. The entire house is a working space, with equipment and instruments every step. First off you’ll hear us in the downstairs recording area before we set up camp in the main recording studio which takes up most of the second floor, defined by a series of enormous Cruz frames that date back to 1555. It is a singularly inspiring place hemmed in imposing lush Welsh hills and a low blue-grey sky.

As we spoke, Mike played out a series of samples of works in progress and bits of soundscapes that may or may not end up anywhere – maybe even some of it may find its way into the June residency here on Wales Arts Review. As well as the samples, Mike shows off some of the sounds of his impressive collection of vintage synthesizers and sequencers.

What ended up on the podcast is a laid back insight into the creative processes of one of the most exciting musical acts around at the moment.

The episode starts with a clip from the track ‘Bass n Guns’ from Superhand’s debut album American Teeth – which you can also stream now from the Wales Arts Review website, and we close with ‘Crystal Pianos’ from the same album.

So sit back, headphones on, get ready for a half-hour of experimental chat about experimental music, all wrapped up in an experimental podcast.

The podcast is available to stream here via the Wales Arts Review Soundcloud account.

This podcast is produced with the support of the Arts Council Wales.

This Offscript with Superhand piece by Gary Raymond part of the Artists in Residence series.