A.i.R. Poem | Train by Siân Norris


The train hasn’t turned on its lights.


Siân NorrisPlunges into the tunnel regardless.

An ancient darkness.


I take off my sunglasses,

blink mole-sighted.


The darkness remains


and with it a

rising urge to scream


and I start to think that,


I’m still


That, maybe,

this dark length is a


from which I’ll soon

wake up.


I want to wake up from nightmares to


To your heavy sleepiness beside me.

To roll across

and nudge my face rodent-like

against the weight of your arm.


I think I’m falling.

I don’t know what to do.


The darkness fades to rain.

I’ve no coat.

Wearing sandals.


You laugh at my ineptitude.

Wrap me up in your arms,

my coat.



(image credit: John Davies)