Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

In Wales, we have a long tradition of showing solidarity and support for the fight for Civil Rights. From the Western Mail campaign to raise funds for the Wales Window of Alabama, commemorating the murder of four black children in a racist terror attack in 1963, to this weekend’s #BlackLivesMatter protest in Cardiff, Wales has a proud history of showing its compassion and support, not just notionally, but in action.

At Wales Arts Review, we believe that all gestures of solidarity, no matter how small, can help build a swell.

It is important to remember that the peaceful protest at Cardiff Castle last weekend was also intended to highlight the endemic and institutional racism in this country (you can read more about this event in Faith Rhiannon Clarke‘s report for Voice.Wales). Wales Arts Review acknowledges that all organisations in Wales can and must do better to ensure equality and representation. As a platform with a global audience, we know we must continue to work hard to publish voices that reflect the cultural riches of our country, as it is only with these voices heard that the racism of our society can be drowned out and eroded.

But for this moment, we wish to lend our voice to a powerful movement for change, to join all progressive, anti-fascist rallies around the world, and show our solidarity with the anti-white supremacist protestors currently expressing themselves across America.

If you wish to support the Black Lives Matter movement, may we encourage you to follow this link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to learn more about what you can do from where you are.