Cartoon | The Loneliness of the Anti-Welsh Bigot

Sion Tomos Owen responds to the inflammatory article that appeared in yesterday’s Guardian that ran with the headline “‘We’re told we’re anti-Welsh bigots and fascists’ – the storm over Welsh-only schools”.

Despite the fact that the article has a number of factually incorrect statements, forgets to mention the interviewees links to the EDL and UKIP, and that Save The Children have denied giving the quote mentioned, it is still disappointing that the Guardian would write something The Sun or Mail would spew in order to shit stir.

Ultimately it’s constantantly offensive that we bilingual speakers have to keep defending our language because it seems to be nothing other than an annoyance to English speakers.

Well, this below is such a ridiculous paragraph that it warranted a cartoon, the first topical one I’ve done in a while, to highlight the hypocrisy.