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The Holiday Season at Wales Arts Review

The holiday season is soon to be upon us, so Wales Arts Review wants to help you celebrate all things Christmas! In the spirit of the holiday season here are many of the articles we have published to spread Christmas cheer including our Xmas Anecdotes series and Xmas Playlists.


While the holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, it can also be incredibly stressful! Families coming together, crazy holiday shopping, and lots and lots of cooking and food preparation are just some of the elements of the holiday season. As Christmas rapidly approaches, Wales Arts Review has asked some of our writers to share their quirkiest, most unique Christmas experiences in our new series, Xmas Anecdotes. 

From an ugly blue sofa in Wales all the way to Bondi Beach in Australia, our writers have some very distinctive Christmas memories. 

Click the links below to access the entries in the Xmas Anecdotes series:

Xmas Anecdotes | The Sofa of Doom

Emily Garside learns a valuable if unorthodox Christmas lesson revolving around an ugly sofa given to her family.

Xmas Anecdotes | The Family that Time Forgot

Craig Austin remembers the poignant cameo of a family at Christmas.

Xmas Anecdotes | Panto from Hell

Gary Raymond shares his childhood hell on the stage at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Xmas Anecdotes | A Very Aussie Christmas

Nicola Edwards remembers the wrongness of an Aussie Christmas on the beach.

Xmas Anecdotes | Cinderella Week

Jane Roberts lets us in on the secrets of the great Christmas host as she tells the story of hosting a huge gathering for Cinderella Week.


As the Festive Season gets fully underway, Wales Arts Review asked some of our writers (coincidentally they turned out to be some of our most curmudgeonly ones) to give us an insight into something that symbolises Christmas to them. The responses were varied, sometimes exciting, sometimes hilarious; and even a few that act as good warnings to avoid certain people’s houses during the latter stages of December. Here is Wales Arts Review’s Christmas Crackers series.

Wales Arts Review Christmas Crackers Part One

In part one of WAR’s Christmas Crackers we see some classic choices, and some surprises.

Wales Arts Review Christmas Crackers Part Two

In Part Two of WAR’s Christmas Crackers we get even more holiday parallels from our writers.


Over the years, Wales Arts Review has shared some pretty iconic Christmas playlists in anticipation for the holiday season for your listening delight. Check out two of our best ones below!

The Definitive Alternative Christmas Playlist

WAR 2016 Alternative Christmas Playlist