merthyr and the biscuit factory

Digithon Kids | Merthyr and the Biscuit Factory

As part of Wales Arts Review’s Digithon, Literature Wales presents Merthyr and the Biscuit Factory, an interactive experience for families.

In Merthyr and the Biscuit Factory, employees and their families of OP Chocolates explored the story and science behind wafer making including the processes of enrobing, moulding, dipping and sandwiching with chocolate to inspire deliciously creative writing, artworks and the invention of new products. This project celebrated creativity, inspiration and invention and encouraged individuals to explore their imagination to inspire new connections to creative expression and engagement. Interactive poetry workshops with Mike Church, stimulated ideas for new biscuits and chocolate products through creative writing; while Breaking Barriers and Head4Arts used digital technology and visual art to create magical animations bringing their ideas to life.

Merthyr & The Biscuit Factory from Breaking Barriers Community Arts on Vimeo.







At Wales Arts Review we believe a healthy thriving creative culture is the backbone of any progressive society. It is clear now that in the wake of the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, that many people who are vital contributors to the arts and culture of Wales will be taking significant financial hits as a result of necessary decisions taken to counteract the spread of the illness. Working as a freelancer in the arts is more often than not a precarious financial balancing act, particularly in Wales, and so Wales Arts Review is launching this crowdfunder in order to raise an emergency hardship fund for people struggling to make ends meet over the next few weeks due to the cancellation or postponement of projects brought about by Covid-19.

As the disruptions continue to intensify, it is important to remember many artists and workers in the creative industry are self-employed, and will be unable to collect an income as live events, workshops, and productions are cancelled or postponed indefinitely. At Wales Arts Review we have heard of many stories of people now being unable to pay rent or put food the table. We believe it is the responsibility of government, and in many cases the governing bodies of arts funding, to take a lead on these issues, and while we wait for that, Wales Arts Review wants to provide a space for the public to help alleviate some of the anxiety and hardship that is becoming widespread at the moment.

All funds raised will go to those who need it. 100% of all monies raised will be delivered as bursaries (minus the 3% fee of this crowdfunder website). Wales Arts Review will offer full transparency on how the crowdfunder operates, but anonymity is guaranteed for the bursary recipients, unless otherwise agreed.