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December is officially here, and another year of living with COVID is almost behind us. In the face of the major challenges thrown up by a global pandemic, the Welsh arts scene has continued to hustle, innovate and do its best to maintain a dynamic and vibrant cultural life; from festivals to digital performances to a return to live and funds for artists, it has been Wales Arts Review’s pleasure to continue to cover and support the arts in its many forms across the nation.

As artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins puts it: “The arts live or die by the oxygen of awareness and the nutrition of criticism.” For nearly a decade now, Wales Arts Review has strived to deliver on that quality by providing thoughtful, provocative and well-written criticism, highlighting not only the work of Welsh artists but showcasing writing talent that comes from established and emerging critics alike.

That our content is – and always has been – free, is an integral part of what we do. And it is for this very reason we recently launched our Patreon page. For those who don’t know, Patreon provides an easy way for readers and supporters of Wales Arts Review to show their appreciation to the writers and editors who make it all possible. Our readers are our community; our contributors are our lifeblood. With 250,000 annual visitors and over five thousand reviews, articles and interviews published, we hope that with the help of some of our regular readers we might continue to survive, thrive and evolve.

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