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Dorothy Bonarjee, and Praisesongs from Wales | Podcast 20

This week we talk to Devika Karnad and Marine Furet, doctoral students at Cardiff University, about their piece ‘Dorothy Bonarjee: A Hindu Lady Chaired’. We discuss the life of Dorothy Bonarjee, the importance of POC history and structures of privilege in both India and Britain.

In our second segment we discuss Darren Chetty’s personal essay ‘Whatever Happened to the Black Boy of Killay’ reflecting on personal histories, slippages of memory and visual spectrality. We also discuss Durre Shahwar’s interview with Dr. Roiyah Saltus about Praisesongs from Wales, a rich and creative digital research resource dedicated to the celebration of older men and women of colour living in Wales.

Finally, we’ll be letting you know about events across Wales that you’ll definitely want to check out our What’s on, Wales? Segment.

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Dorothy Bonarjee, The Black Boy of Killay, and Praisesongs from Wales | Links to Articles Discussed:

Devika Karnad and Marine Furet: ‘Dororthy Bonarjee: A Hindu Lady Chaired

Devika Karnad and Marine Furet take a look at the life of Dorothy Bonarjee, who was awarded one of Wales’ most prestigious cultural prizes in February 1914, and consider the poet’s contribution to Wales’ multicultural heritage.

Durre Shahwar and Roiyah Saltus: ‘Interview | Praisesongs from Wales

Praisesongs from Wales is a rich and creative digital research resource dedicated to the celebration of older men and women of colour living in Wales, and to the development of a digital story archive of their lives. Durre Shahwar spoke to researcher-activist, Dr. Roiyah Saltus, the lead of the project, to find out more.

Darren Chetty: ‘Whatever Happened to the Black Boy of Killay?

Darren Chetty delves into the layered history behind the sign that once hung outside the local pub in Swansea when he was a child. In this piece, he brings together a web of personal and social stories on his journey to uncover the meaning behind this and many other ‘Black Boy Inns’ found over the country.

What’s On, Wales?

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Dorothy Bonarjee


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