FMIC Arts and Culture Podcast

Welcome to the home of the new arts and culture podcast, FMIC, brought to you by Wales Arts Review; hosted by Gary Raymond and Gray Taylor, edited by Dani Thomas, and produced by Cerith Mathias.

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FMIC Episode 5 | The Big Interview: John McGrath

In a feature-length interview, Gary Raymond discusses National Theatre Wales with the outgoing founding Artistic Director, John McGrath.


FMIC Mini #2 | Jamie Owen reads Niall Griffiths

One of Wales’ most recognisable voices, Jamie Owen, reads a brand new short story from one of Wales’ most admired writers, Niall Griffiths, ‘Late Back’. 


FMIC Episode 4 | Halloween Special

On the Halloween special of the FMIC podcast, Gary and Gray visit an old graveyard in the dead of night in search of some tales of terror.


FMIC Episode 3 | Madness

Gary and Gray discuss the Madness theme in WNO’s anniversary season with Steph Power; Gray reflects on his visit to Dismaland, and Gary talks to I Speak Machine about music and film-making.


FMIC Mini #1 | Listeners’ Questions

Gary and Gray attempt to answer a selection of questions from the FMIC listeners in the first of our FMIC Mini podcasts.


FMIC Episode 2 | Velvet Coalmine

Recorded at Blackwood’s Velvet Coalmine festival in September 2015, with guests Cynan Jones, Francesca Rhydderch, Jo Mazelis, Rachel Trezise, Danielle Lewis and festival director Iain Richards.


FMIC Episode 1 | Pilot Episode

Welcome to the pilot episode of the FMIC Podcast, the new arts and culture show hosted by Gray Taylor and Gary Raymond, and brought to you by Wales Arts Review.


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Podcast 24 | This week we talk to Gareth Smith about his reviews of two crime thrillers – S4C’s Yr Amgueddfa, and BBC One’s Welsh-made series The Pact – thinking about the efficacy of formulas and codes, as well as the relationship between genre and place.


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