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FMIC Episode 1 – Pilot Episode | Podcast

Welcome to the pilot episode of the FMIC Podcast, the new arts and culture show hosted by Gray Taylor and Gary Raymond, and brought to you by Wales Arts Review.

In this first outing: Ray Milland; #TeenageKicks;  and what is flash fiction?

With guests Phil Morris and Jane Roberts.

Edited by Dani Thomas

Produced by Cerith Mathias

The pilot episode of the FMIC Podcast was recorded at The Riverfront Theatre in Newport.



Articles discussed in this episode:

Teenage Kicks | Feature

In a major new feature, inspired by the outpouring of affection for To Kill a Mockingbird following the publication of the new Harper Lee novel, Wales Arts Review has been asking our writers to name the moment that shaped their lives in those most impressionable of years, that teenage wilderness. The choices are diverse, eclectic, and as inspiring now as they were then.

The Eyes of Ray Milland: A Season of Films | Cinema

Phil Morris discusses the career of the Welsh screen actor Ray Milland, whose films are being shown at the Chapter Arts Centre. 

Distilled Writing: The Art of Flash Fiction

How to Write Flash Fiction – from tomorrow, Wales Arts Review will spend the run up to National Flash Fiction Day celebrating the shorter form by publishing a series of stories specially commissioned from some of Wales’ most exciting voices. We preview this exciting venture with an essay explaining the craft from award-winning flash fiction author Jane Roberts.