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#GE2015 | Election Day Playlist

It’s the big day and the team at Wales Arts Review have come together to provide you with a playlist of 30-odd top tunes to make the day go off with a bang. If you need some lead in your pencil, look no further than our exclusive Election Day playlist.

We have chosen a diverse range of songs, a soundtrack to your box-ticking no matter what your political persuasion. A blue blood Conservative? Well, you can get down to classics like ‘We’re All in this Together’ by the cast of Disney’s High School Musical; or you can bob your head to ‘Born to Rule’ from Black Brothers; if you’ve been involved in Tory politics at all in the last 5 years you’ll have no problem singing along with Oh, Laura’s ‘The Mess You Left Behind’. Your blood is more red of the Labour Party hue?

We have ‘The Procession of Popular Capitalism’ from McCarthy there for you; or what about a bit of ‘Politics as Usual’ by Jay-Z to prepare you for government? A Lib Dem? ‘Love me, I’m a Liberal’ should sound as familiar to you as the sound of your leader’s shovel digging into the top soil of your party’s grave. And how about a bit of Silver Firs’ ‘Motherland’ for all you nationalists out there?

Green voter? Well, we toyed with the idea of following the mainstream media with this and completely ignoring the most pressing issue humankind has ever faced and having no reference to environmental issues in our playlist, but instead we have tacked on the tail, ‘World Without End’ by A.A. Bondy.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten you UKIPers, quivering behind your plastic-coated sofas: Steve Earle has ‘City of Immigrants’ for you, and David Crosby and Graham Nash rock out a bit of ‘Immigration Man’, too. If you still haven’t decided (shake yourself first) and then maybe listen to a few of our issue-based tracks such as ‘N.H.S.’ from controversial punks The Business, or maybe ‘Zero Hours’, ‘Cuts’, or ‘Long Term Plan’ might help you out.

Either way, and whatever your decision, just make sure you vote.

Wales Arts Review’s Election Day Playlist:


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