Gillian Clarke | The Starling

The Starling | Gillian Clarke

Notes of Solidarity is a daily series of mini-essays, poems, and reflections on the Russian war on Ukraine by some of Wales’s leading literary figures. To close our series, we share a poem, The Starling, from playwright and former Welsh Poet Laureate, Gillian Clarke

The Starling

You cradle the broken starling the cats caught 
and brought home from the night. You heard it cry.
It trembles in your cupped hands, its heart wild,
beak parted, a star in its black eye.
Lost from a murmuration flying west
migrating from a bitter Russian winter,
ice-wind-driven across a darkening world.
‘There is enough evil’ you say, words
of a poet from another time, another war,
‘….enough evil in the crying of wind…’*
Its heartbeat slows, calming in your hands,
warmed, still, beak parted, a refugee
with a chance of life. You carry it into the night,
crossing the dark fields to set it free.


Gillian Clarke

* WB Yeats

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