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Giving Voice – Ethnic Minority Women of Wales

Wales Arts Review is very proud to support this fantastic crowdfunder campaign launched by the Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association. The goal is to raise £3240 to produce short films, a book, educational materials and a website that looks at the remarkable contribution that minority women have made to Wales.

Here is a short film from the organisers introducing the campaign.

You can donate to Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association now via this link

£20 donation reward: copy of the book

£100 donation reward: x2 tickets 2019 Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association awards ceremony

ethnic minority

To promote empowerment of BAME women and girls in Wales through recognition of their contributions. To identify role models for the communities and facilitate community cohesion and integration with the main stream systems.

EMWWAA (formerly known as WAWAA) is a charitable organisation which aims to create a network of women and girls of ethnic minority origin across Wales to provide beacons of inspiration for current and upcoming generations.