Halloween Special 2015 | Podcast

Halloween Special 2015 | Podcast

Welcome to Wales Arts Review’s Halloween Special 2015, our annual celebration of the ghoulish and macabre. This year we are very proud to publish an exclusive and free collection of short stories from a selection of top writers, including Niall Griffiths, Rebecca F. John, Jo Mazelis and many more. And to top it off we have some of the stories read by actors in our FMIC Podcast Special. Just click the image below to download the pdf and follow the link to stream or download the podcast.




Gary and Gray visit an old graveyard in the dead of night in search of some tales of terror.

  1. ‘The Luminous Valley’ by Georgia Carys Williams (read by Laura Prior)
  2. ‘Tick’ by Rebecca F. John (read by Matthew Schmolley)
  3. ‘In the Flames of the King James Bible’ by Gary Raymond (read by Laura Prior)
  4. ‘Anguila Place’ by Mark Blayney (read by Alexander Ferris)


Halloween Special 2015:


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