Intercut Labs Collaboration: Artists Announced

Intercut Labs Collaboration: Artists Announced

Following an open call in July, Wales Arts Review and Meta Arts – with support from Producer and Consultant Kate Perridge – are delighted to announce the artists selected to take part in the Intercut Labs Collaboration. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc globally, upturning daily life, and impacting the cultural economy beyond measure. As we leave (what we hope) are the worst days of the virus behind us, Intercut Labs’ collaborative project will work to create something positive and tangible. The cross-continent project brings together like-minded individuals and collectives working between Wales and India to offer an outlet to artists emerging from the crisis of the COVD-19 pandemic.

The six artists from Wales and India – listed below – will work collaboratively to produce a theatre production for thirteen to seventeen-year-olds by reimagining written materials created for young people in both countries. This collaboration will take place via three virtual labs hosted by arts institutions across India: Littlei in Kolkata will administer the music lab, Kaivalya Plays in Delhi will administer the theatre lab, and Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation in Leh will administer the literature lab.

Read more about each of the artists selected for the Intercut Labs Collaboration below.


Charlotte Lewis (Credit Luke Davies)
Charlotte Lewis (Credit: Luke Davies)

Charlotte Lewis, Theatre, Wales

Charlotte is an international Director for stage, screen and sound, working on some of the biggest cultural events in Wales including Processions and City of the Unexpected. Charlotte is inspired by stories centred on human experiences, working to stretch their reality in order to reimagine and re-package the recognisable. 

Gareth Evans-Jones (credit Gareth Evans-Jones)
Gareth Evans-Jones (credit: Gareth Evans-Jones)

Gareth Evans-Jones, Literature, Wales

Gareth is a lecturer in Religious Studies at Bangor University and writes in a variety of styles. Among his recent works are a novel called Eira Llwyd (2018) and a play called Cadi Ffan a Jan, which was awarded the Playwright Medal at the AmGen National Eisteddfod 2021.

David Roche (Credit Tim Hillel)
David Roche (Credit: Tim Hillel)

David John Roche, Music, Wales

David John Roche’s music is excitingly direct, intense, and expressive with American Minimalism, American metal, the Welsh rock he grew up learning and playing, and bold, transcendental melodic writing forming the heart of his compositions.


Kavya Srinivasan - Sabareesh Arumugam
Kavya Srinivasan (Credit: Sabareesh Arumugam)

Kavya Srinivasan, Theatre, India

Kavya Srinivasan is a Bangalore-based actor, playwright and storyteller. Her most recent work, a digital production titled ‘When the Colours Ran Away’ opened at the Vancouver International Children’s Theatre Festival in 2021.  In her last ten years on stage, she has performed to over 10000 people in five cities

Jigmet Angmo_Tsering Motup
Jigmet Angmo (Credit: Tsering Motup)

Jigmet Angmo, Literature, India

Jigmet Angmo is an artist with interests in watercolours, comics and graphics. She worked as a cartoonist at Reach Ladakh Bulletin. She brought out Ladakh’s first graphic novel ‘Dungjongma and Her Innovative Ride’ (2018), published by the LAMO Trust. She’s also shown her work at Gallery Jib, Tokyo. Jigmet currently works as the Art and Creativity Teacher at Lamdon Model School, Leh.

Karshni - (Photograph by Sanchi Kalani)
Karshni Nair (Credit: Sanchi Kalani)

Karshni Nair, Music, India

Karshni, a musician from Pune, has been releasing music written and self-produced since 2017. This includes a successful collaboration – “Drowning” – with Three Oscillators and a sombre meditation, “Daddy Hates Second Place”. Her work discusses themes of gender, death, indulgence and a fear of ageing, each with ruthless candour.


The Intercut Labs project is proudly supported by Wales Arts International and British Council in Wales and India as part of their Connections to Culture Programme.