Our Best Reviews of 2021

Our Best Reviews of 2021

What a year it’s been for arts and culture in Wales! Throughout 2021 the Wales Arts Review contributors have reviewed a myriad of books, films, shows and all things artistic. Here are our best reviews of 2021 — a small collection of quality writing which proudly represents the excellent work produced by our writers and experts.


The Merthyr Stigmatist | Theatre

Phil Morris reviews Lisa Parry’s Theatre Uncut shortlisted play, The Merthyr Stigmatist, a two-woman show tracing the fault lines of class, religion, and community.


Flashbacks & Flowers by Rufus Mufasa | Poetry

Isobel Roach reviews Flashbacks & Flowers from Rufus Mufasa, a poetry collection which plays with rhythm and rhyme whilst exploring themes of identity and spirituality.


Promising Young Woman | Film

Following the recent success of Emerald Fennell’s Promising Young Woman at the Academy Awards, Rosie Couch reviews the comedy-thriller, drawing on feminist literature and questioning the film’s reliance on the justice system.


Bedwyr Williams’ Instagram Art | Visual Arts

Gary Raymond considers the Instagram art of Bedwyr Williams and asks of the tension conjured by its transformation from sardonic, social media satire to a fully-fledged new exhibition, Milquetoast.


Still by Christopher Meredith | Poetry

Nathan Munday examines Still, a poetry collection from Christopher Meredith which explores stillness, memory and, in keeping with the author’s previous work, the Welsh landscape.


Darkness and Light | Visual Arts

Richard Noyce reviews Darkness and Light, a collaborative exhibition held at The Bleddfa Centre throughout July. Featuring work from Don Braisby, Frances Carlile and Jane Harding, the project explored the fragility of the earth through sculpture, film and print.


Death Drives an Audi by Kristian Bang Foss | Books

Glen James Brown reviews Death Drives an Audi, a darkly comic story of two unlikely friends written by Kristian Bang Foss and translated by Caroline Waight.


The Green Knight | Film

Caragh Medlicott reviews the critically acclaimed The Green Knight from writer-director David Lowery, its story adapted from a classic Arthurian text infused with Welsh mythology. 


This One Sky Day by Leone Ross | Books

Richard Gwyn reviews This One Sky Day from Leone Ross, a magic-realist novel following the surrealist events of one single day in an imagined archipelago.


Dr Who: Revolution of the Daleks | TV

Doctor Who is back with a long-awaited New Year’s special. Matt Taylor takes a look at this latest instalment from Chris ChibnallRevolution of the Daleks.