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Owen Sheers is a Welsh poet, author, playwright and TV presenter who has won a variety of awards from the Eric Gregory Award in 1999 to the Wales Book of the Year in 2014. His first collection of poetry, The Blue Book was published in 2000 by Seren Books, a Welsh-based publisher and he has since released several more. He often explores the topic and theme of war in his work such as his play Mametz which explores the WW1 Battle of Mametz Wood and his verse drama Pink Mist that highlighted the journey of Afghanistan-based soldiers. Pink Mist was adapted for theatre and was first staged at Bristol Old Vic in 2015 and it told the story of three young Bristolians deployed to Afghanistan. His most recent novel, I Saw a Man was published in 2015 in the UK and a selection of other countries. This novel’s film rights were sold to FilmFour. He has rugby experience through both playing the sport and also becoming the first writer in residence at the Welsh Rugby Union.

He has been incredibly successful in non-writing ventures too. Through his TV presenting experience he was shortlisted for a BAFTA Cymru for Best Presenter in 2014. He often presents for the BBC with his time on BBC 4, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4. He is also a well-renowned academic with an MA in Creative Writing and his current position of Professor of Creativity at Swansea University. 

Below is a selection of Wales Arts Review pieces that explore the work and life of Owen Sheers.


Calon: A Journey to the Heart of Welsh Rugby 

Dylan Moore casts his critical eyes on Calon: A Journey to the Heart of Welsh Rugby by Owen Sheers, a true behind-the-scenes look at the poetry, violence, humanity and sheer majesty of Welsh rugby.

World Maps | Poetry

Helen Calcutt experiences Owen Sheers at the Alan Garner Centre in Wolverhampton where he discusses his work such as his poems, Pink Mist and World Maps.

Poetry | Pink Mist

Carl Griffin reviews Pink Mist by Owen Sheers, which was originally commissioned for radio arguably better suits a stage than a traditional volume of poetry.

Writer of The Two Worlds | Interview

Carl Griffin has an interesting conversation with the Welsh poet icon Owen Sheers about his work including The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

Mametz by Owen Sheers & Matthew Dunster

Mametz is a National Theatre Wales play written by Owen Sheers and directed by Matthew Dunster that explores the 1916 battle of Mametz Wood.

In Conversation with… about Mametz

Phil Morris sits down with the iconic Owen Sheers to discuss his play Mametz that explores a war assault during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

I Saw a Man | Fiction Novel 

I Saw a Man is a fiction novel by Owen Sheers which keeps death and pain at its core for a thoughtful and arguably difficult read.

The Green Hollow | Exploration of the Aberfan Disaster

Fifty years after Aberfan, the writer Owen Sheers interviewed survivors, parents and rescuers to create The Green Hollow.