Podcast 10: Uncanny Environments, Ecomusicology, and Radical Children’s Fiction

In this week’s episode we talk to Liam Bell, a postgraduate researcher based at Cardiff University, about definitions of the uncanny, the unheimlich, waste, repression, and the tensions surrounding personal and corporate responsibilities.

We also think about Martha O’Brien’s exploration of ‘green economy’, neoliberal capitalism and the entertainment industry, and Nicola Davies’ discussion of her children’s book, The Promise, as well as literature’s radical potential within our current ecological situation.

Finally, we talk about the 100 Page Turners project’s most recent category: ‘Politics’.

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Links to the articles discussed:

Liam Bell – Climate Change & Uncanny Environments

Martha O’Brien – Ecomusicology | The Hypocrisy of the Music Business

Nicola Davies – The Promise: How a Children’s Book Hopes to Change the World

100 Page Turners | Politics

‘Vienna Beat’ by Blue Dot Sessions
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