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Podcast 11 | Music in Wales: Community, Environment & Experimentation

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about all things musical. We talk to Oli Richards, member of Silent Forum and founder of Goodparley, about the Welsh music scene, the longing to return to gigs and festivals, and the Welsh Music Prize. We also discuss Bethan Hall’s ‘Sarah Nicolls: 12 Years’ and Holly McElroy’s ‘Talking to Sarah Nicolls’, alongside Rufus Mufasa’s ‘Motherhood, Mayhem and Magic’, thinking about music and environment, and the struggle of juggling creative and familial life.

Finally, we explore the 100 Page Turners project’s most recent category: ‘Class and Society’, and introduce our new ‘What’s on, Wales?’ segment, highlighting upcoming and ongoing projects and events in Wales.

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Links to the articles discussed:

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Holly McElroy, Music | Talking to Sarah Nicolls…arah-nicolls/

Rufus Mufasa, Rufus Mufasa: Motherhood, Mayhem, and Magic…em-and-magic/

100 Page Turners of Wales | Class and Society…-and-society/

What’s On, Wales? Links:

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Nawr Magazine:

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‘Vienna Beat’ by Blue Dot Sessions
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