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Podcast 4 | Celebrity Privilege, BAME Voices, and Rule Breakers

In this week’s episode we interview associate editor of the Wales Arts Review, Caragh Medlicott about her article ‘Our Waning Tolerance for Celebrity Privilege’, an examination of celebrity privilege, debates around cancel culture, and how celebrities might use their position to enact positive change.

We also discuss with Medlicott two pieces concerned with national identity and authenticity: Sarah Younan’s piece ‘Mzungu’, a reflection on Younan’s childhood and living in Kenya published in a new anthology of marginalised voices titled ‘Just So You Know: Essays of Experience’ set to be published by Parthian Books on the 1st of August, and Lisa Sheppard’s piece ‘Multicultural Wales: Charlotte Williams’ Sugar and Slate’, from the Wales Arts Review archive to celebrate the recent appointment of Professor Charlotte Williams as the head of a working group aiming to improve the teaching of BAME history in Wales. Finally, we briefly talk about the 100 Page Turners project and the most recent category, ‘Rule Breakers’.

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Links to the articles discussed:

Caragh Medlicott, ‘Our Waning Tolerance for Celebrity Privilege’

Sarah Younan, ‘Mzungu’

Lisa Sheppard, ‘Multicultural Wales: Charlotte Williams’s Sugar and Slate’

Wales Arts Review, ‘Rule Breakers | 100 Page Turners’


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