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In this week’s episode of the Wales Arts Review podcast we talk to Lauren Orme, a BAFTA-shortlisted animator and one of the founders of the Cardiff Animation Festival. Lauren tells us about the animation industry in Wales, how the festival going online has meant a new audience for animation, and the future of the industry in light of coronavirus.

We discuss the digital medium and debates around fine art and digital art in Steph Power’s piece ‘The Lumen Prize: Digitally Created Fine Art from Around the World’. We also reminisce over music festivals as we think about the limits of online events in Caragh Medlicott’s review of the End of the Road’s online festival ‘In the Garden of Streaming’.

Finally, we talk about the 100 Page Turns project’s most recent category: ‘Life, Death and Other Worlds’, Wales Arts Review’s exploration of the riches of Welsh fiction.

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Links to the articles discussed:

Steph Power ‘The Lumen Prize: Digitally Created Fine Art from Around the World’

Caragh Medlicott, ‘End of the Road Festivals Go Digital’

Wales Arts Review, ‘100 Page Turners | Life, Death and Other Worlds’

‘Vienna Beat’ by Blue Dot Sessions
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