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Podcast | Gweni Llwyd on Women, Family, and Translation

In this week’s episode we interview Cardiff based artist Gweni Llwyd about her artistic practice, creating during lockdown, and the future of the arts in Wales. Continuing the theme of women in the arts in Wales, we discuss Siobhan Denton’s article, ‘Beddoe’s Women | Being Sexy’, thinking about the male gaze and representations of welsh women’s sexuality in contemporary popular culture.

We also discuss with Gweni Llwyd Kathryn Tann’s article, ‘Women in Translation’, considering the value of immersing ourselves in translated fiction, diverse cultures, and the often overlooked role of the translator. Finally, we briefly talk about the 100 Page Turners project and the most recent category: ‘Family and Friends’.

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Links to the articles discussed:

Siobhan Denton, ‘Beddoe’s Women | Being Sexy’
Kathryn Tann, ‘Women in Translation’
Wales Arts Review, ‘100 Page Turners | Family and Friends’
Gweni Llwyd’s Website

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