A.i.R. | “Poor Man’s Game” by Superhand

Here are Superhand’s last pieces for this project.

We have really enjoyed this whole creative process and it’s been fantastic to have the pressure to create work. It’s great to do something that’s instant,and not necessarily perfect. It’s fantastic to be liberated from the conventions of songs and structure and album song lengths.

“Poor Mans Game” is me simply singing about the massive inequality within our country right now. I feel so frustrated, and angry about it. One of the things I find very difficult to deal with is the arrogance of privilege.

The other piece of music “Devil works it” is a song we have, that is work in progress. It’s been developing for sometime, and we had some great development there. So hopefully it will be finished and on our 2nd album-

Thank very much to Wales Arts Review for having us :)

You can now listen to all of Superhand’s compositions for their June residency with Wales Arts Review here.