Recap | Digithon Music

Recap | Digithon Music

Welcome to our recap of the great artists who appeared on Digithon Music stage over the weekend. 

The crowdfunder to raise the money for an emergency fund to help artists and freelancers who have been financially impacted by the cancellation of work is STILL LIVE. And You can donate here.

Ani Glass performs songs from her debut solo album, Mirrores.

Georgia Ruth performs “Cosmos” from her new album, Mai, which is available now from Bubblewrap Collective.

Martyn Joesph performs an exclusive set for Digithon, including his ode to the NHS.

Songs from Eye of the Storm with Amy Wadge

Al Lewis performs songs from his new album in an exclusive set for Digithon.

Eleri Angharad

La Forme launch the new single and video for “Let Jenny Sleep”.

Goodparley presents an improvised soundscape with the words of poet Poppy Jennings.

Keys live in the 4pi dome at Cultvr Lab.

Mark Albrow Enjoy our late night gig with the soundscapes of north Wales artist Mark Albrow.

Cwmwl Tystion The Mountains of Wales is Part 1 of the Cwmwl Tystion / Witness Suite composed by Tomos Williams.

Darren Chetty reads his popular essay on Max Boyce’s Live at Treorchy album.