Reform UK

Reform UK | 2021 Senedd Elections

The Welsh Government elected at the 2021 Senedd election will have the power to make laws that affect the daily lives of artists, performers and creators the length and breadth of Wales. From the sectors’ recovery post-pandemic to funding for arts organisations and creative community projects, we gave the leaders of the main political parties a chance to share their vision for arts and culture in our election spotlight series. Today, Nathan Gill of Reform UK outlines his party’s vision.

Reform UK is not a new political party, rather we are the next phase in the evolution of what started as The Brexit Party. We are here because we see that there is a need to change. If we do not move forwards, we move backwards – there is no standing still in life. Our culture and arts are constantly changing, evolving, experimenting. This is a reflection of the fact that art is a reflection of humanity, made by humans who reach deep into their souls and challenge themselves constantly.

Victor Pinchuk said “Art, Freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”. I do not disagree. I think he rather summarises our ethos here. We want the artists to be free to express themselves without fear or boundary. Politicians should move aside. Yes, we have a role. Government has a role in preserving and cataloguing our culture for future generations, and for the current one to comprehend where we are coming from. They also have a role in facilitating artists to exist, to thrive and to make it possible for new generations to become artists themselves. This can be done through grants, tax schemes and education. And that is where the government’s role should end. We also believe in the free market, and ultimately in the choice of the public to decide what they wish to see and buy.

It is an old cliché, I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like. But never a truer word was spoken on this subject. The public will vote with their feet. We would observe the proper role of government, to facilitate the artists, and get out of the way.

You can read the Reform UK manifesto here.