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South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus Shortlisted | RPS

South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus has been shortlisted for the Inspiration Award, the first ever public-voted Royal Philharmonic Society Award.

The Royal Philharmonic Society Awards celebrate the outstanding, the pioneering and the inspirational in both amateur and professional classical music. Last year saw a new award introduced — The Inspiration Award — for those who brightly inspired the nation in the first months of lockdown, commending professional and non-professional musicians alike. This year’s awards, set to take place at the beginning of November in Wigmore Hall, pass the decision-making powers for the Inspiration Award to the public. From now on, the RPS will present the award outright to a non-professional ensemble or to an individual who works with such groups, in recognition of the remarkable constellation of such music-makers, often overlooked.

‘Some people have asked us if there’s been sufficient music to celebrate with the RPS Awards this year,’ said RPS Chief Executive James Murphy. ‘Brace yourselves for a story of tremendous resilience, creativity and musicians finding ways against all the odds to inspire others. We’re so pleased to applaud the countless non-professional musicians across the country through the new Inspiration Award, and welcome the music-loving public to join in the festivities as never before, casting their vote for the Inspiration Award and joining us for the Awards celebration, for which tickets have never been cheaper.’

The shortlist, which includes the South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus, has been assembled by a panel who themselves work year-round with non-professional groups and, from these, the public is invited to vote for whom they feel should receive this year’s award. The closing date for votes is 11am on Thursday 30 September.

The six shortlisted nominees are:

Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra and Phoenix Saxophone Orchestra

Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra, Berkshire

Hilary Campbell and Bristol Choral Society

Orkney Winter Choir and Orkney Camerata

South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus

Themba Mvula and Lichfield Gospel Choir

To find out more about the nominees click here. Shortlisted nominees in the other categories will be announced in late September on BBC Radio 3.

The winners of all thirteen categories will be announced at the 2021 RPS Awards at Wigmore Hall, London, at 7.30pm on Monday 1 November. The event will be presented in a new and refreshed format that will enable more music-lovers and music-makers to join in the festivities. Tickets will be available at a vastly reduced price, ranging from £16–30. As well as revealing the winners of this year’s awards, the presentation will also feature live musical performances from special guest artists, including some of this year’s nominees.


To find out more about the RPS Awards, visit their website. Cast your vote for the Inspiration Award here.