Superhand | Looking Back on A.i.R.

Mid-Wales-based electronic duo Superhand look back at their residency.

Recording for our AiR project with Wales Arts Review was a very productive and insightful experience. It was a different process for us; we had never set up, improvised and recorded that particular way. It was quite liberating and we were very pleased some great new ideas came out of it.

The material was recorded at a time when politically many things were happening, and this greatly influenced our improvised lyrics. Musically we just let things happen. This process has shown us a new way forward in our music making, and we have now become more experimental as a creative unit. We are now performing in a similar way to how we set up for the AiR session and we have kept some of the ideas we came up with, which keep evolving. They have become some of our new working pieces that we include when performing.

The experience has put us in touch with a different, more experimental music scene that we feel at home in, and has shown us a new way forward for 2018. It would be great to find some other artists to collaborate with or perform with. We would be happy for anyone to contact us with any ideas for future projects. A big thank you to Wales Arts Review, for this opportunity.


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