Ten New Authors to Join the AwDUra Scheme

Ten New Authors to Join the AwDUra Scheme

Mudiad Meithrin have announced the names of the 10 authors who were successful in their applications to join the AwDUra scheme. 

The AwDUra scheme is a new scheme, designed to encourage Welsh voices from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity communities to write for young children. Two big names in the world of Welsh writing, Jessica Dunrod and Manon Steffan Ros will also be taking part in the scheme to help these communities in their writing journey. Mudiad Meithrin’s aim is to encourage the creation of stories for children within their community and beyond, with the hopes that they can publish stories by new voices. 

Speaking on the scheme, Jessica Dunrod said: 

“It gives me great pleasure to work with Mudiad Meithrin to begin a project which will address the lack of representation in Welsh fiction and the lack of support and opportunities for Welsh authors. It was very difficult for me to make my books, let alone let the world know that I had created them. This project will ensure that the next Black and Brown authors will not find it as difficult as I did and I am delighted that an organization such as Mudiad Meithrin is helping to break down the barriers for authors who lack sufficient representation.”

Author Manon Steffan Ros, who will be supporting the 10 new authors alongside Jessica Hunrod, said: 

“It is a real honor for me to be part of the AwDUra project. For as long as we can remember, Wales has been home to a very wide cross section of people, but that is not reflected in our culture at all, and it is time to redress that and take positive and constructive steps to ensure fair representation in our literature. This can only enrich our culture.” 

The 10 successful applicant who will be taking part in the scheme are: 

  • Lal Davies 
  • Emily Drew 
  • Jaziea Farag
  • Natalie Jones
  • Theresa Mgadzah Jones
  • Chantelle Moore 
  • Nia Morais
  • Melanie Owen
  • Sarah Younan 
  • Mili Williams 

Over the next four months, these applicants will be mentored and will receive support to create stories for young children. Mudiad Meithrin are going to commit to the publication of two works by these authors whilst supporting others to continue to create.