The Gaze: When Nudes Are Stolen and Running Punks | Podcast 23

The Gaze: When Nudes Are Stolen and Running Punks | Podcast 23

Podcast 23 | The Gaze – Trigger warning: In this episode we are discussing sexual violence against women, including image-based abuses, harassment, and rape. If you have been affected by what we discuss we have included resources and charities you may wish to visit in our description.

This week we talk to Caragh Medlicott, senior editor at the Wales Arts Review, about her review of When Nudes Are Stolen—a BBC Three documentary exploring imaged-based sexual abuse. We discuss the role of the internet and social media in perpetuating these abuses, the emotional aspects of these crimes, and how the law and education is lagging behind technological advancements.

In our second segment we discuss Rosie Couch’s review of Emerald Fennell’s Promising Young Woman, examining what it means to be a promising young woman, the desire for violence, and the fantasy of justice. We also explore Caragh’s interview with Anita Corbin about her exhibition Visible Girls: Revisited, thinking about image and identity, the productive potentialities of the internet, and the transversal gaze.

Finally, we sit down with Dr Ashley Morgan, a masculinities scholar at Cardiff Metropolitan University to discuss the new anti-harassment campaign she and others part of the group Running Punks have launched to tackle the issue.

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The Gaze: When Nudes Are Stolen and Running Punks | Podcast 23 | Links to Articles Discussed:

Caragh Medlicott: When Nudes are Stolen | TV

Caragh Medlicott reviews a timely new documentary from BBC Three, When Nudes Are Stolen, examining the proliferation of image-based sexual abuse, and those fighting to stop its escalation in the internet age. 

–: Anita Corbin In Conversation | Visible Girls: Revisited

Caragh Medlicott sat down with Anita Corbin to discuss her show Visible Girls: Revisited, now at Life: Full Colour Gallery in Caernarfon.

Rosie Couch: Promising Young Woman

Following the recent success of Emerald Fennell’s Promising Young Woman at the Academy Awards, Rosie Couch reviews the comedy-thriller, drawing on feminist literature and questioning the film’s reliance on the justice system.

Running Punks
The Survivors Trust
Rape Crisis England and Wales
Victims of Image Crime: Speak Out

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