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The Must See Jazz Concerts in Cardiff This Winter

Promoted Post in Association with Ticket Select, here’s your guide for the must see jazz concerts in Cardiff this winter 2016-17.

Winter is getting colder, but it is not a reason to be bored and stay at home being sad and gloomy, especially if you live in Great Britain or plan to visit this amazing country. Concert halls and clubs have a lot to offer, and fans of any music style will surely find an event that will totally satisfy their tastes. And now, there is good news for jazz fans, as during this winter there will be lots of great music events going on! Wales, in particular, is going to be a real jazz hub this winter. So, book tickets in advance for this and other upcoming music concerts in Cardiff if you want to make this winter special!

andrew-fawcett Jazz Concerts

Andrew Fawcett Quartet

Andrew Fawcett Quartet is a well-known jazz band whose performances appear to be a good chance to hear what a real jazz band should sound like on stage. Their style is deprived of any elements that can ruin the atmosphere of a solid jazz performance. This team succeeds in giving you the very best of jazz groove and a good mood afterwards. So, if you think that winter is not the season for staying at home, go to Cafe Jazz at Sandringham Hotel on the 15th of December at 9.00 pm and have fun in a jazzy way!


the-kansas-smittys-house-band Jazz ConcertsThe Kansas Smitty’s House Band

The Kansas Smitty’s House Band is considered to be one of the main torch-bearers of the jazz scene in London. Their swing tunes and perfect mix of well-known melodies with ones of their own brought them popularity in circles of jazz lovers. The incredibly positive energy of their concerts and professionalism of the band members helped The Kansas Smitty’s House Band to gather a strong fan base in London, and soon they opened their own bar. So, in case you want to have a good time and listen to some groovy jazz rhythms, go to The Acapella Christmas Party on December 17 at 8.00 pm.


mad-dog-mcrea-1 Jazz ConcertsMad Dog Mcrea

This band has all the potential to become Britain’s new folk music driving force. Mad Dog Mcrea seems to take over the hearts of new fans with every new gig. They manage to blend folk, rock, gipsy, and Celtic musical styles into an explosive kind of music that is born for great live performances. The energy of the band can be compared to some of the best examples of punk rock music. If you plan to have some good drinks and to have fun just like Englishmen did it in the past, go and see Mad Dog Mcrea at Clwb Ifor Bach on Saturday, the 17th of December at 8.00 pm.


the-wessex-new-orleans-band Jazz ConcertsThe Wessex New Orleans Band

The Wessex New Orleans Band is destined to be favoured by those who lose their minds while dreaming of the old school jazz style and 1920’s in the USA. Their music perfectly fits to be a soundtrack for some gangster films and musicals, kicking off like a gulp of good old whisky. The Wessex New Orleans Band music is totally deprived of any new school elements which makes them a very outstanding band on modern day British jazz scene. In case you want to see what the jazz was like during its golden years, come and see The Wessex New Orleans Band at Cafe Jazz at Sandringham Hotel on December 20 at 8.30 pm.

ffion-wilkins Jazz ConcertsFfion Wilkins

Ffion Wilkins is well known as a singer who performs her own songs. This talented piano player and songwriter brings the best of her creative experience into the jazz band. Her brilliant voice together with an excellent instrumental support will surely be appreciated by those who adore good jazz vocal performances. More than that, Ffion Wilkins’ music contains elements of various genres, so be prepared for a performance that will surely widen the boundaries of classic jazz gig as we know it. Come and see it at Acapela on December 21 at 8.00 pm.

kit-downes-and-lucy-railton-1 Jazz ConcertsKit Downes + Lucy Railton

Kit Downes, a famous British jazz pianist, is well known for his collaborations with other fellow musicians and, sometimes, very bold experiments. His technique, as well as the technique of other musicians from his trio, makes each of his performances interesting to witness. The range of moods and instruments incorporated by Downes is truly amazing, and this time he will be accompanied by Lucy Railton playing the cello. Prepare to hear the duet of piano and cello as a fine blend of classical and jazz music spiced up with a high level of musicians’ technicality. Witness this unbelievable gig at Cardiff University Concert Hall on the 28th of January at 7.00 pm.

maria-chiara-argiro Jazz ConcertsMaria Chiara Argirò

Maria Chiara Argirò is recognised as one of the most talented and innovative pianists on the modern jazz scene. She manages to create beautiful soundscapes together with the quintet of talented musicians who appear to be her regular concert team. Her music sounds quite fresh and contemporary while preserving the main canvas of classical jazz performance. Maria Chiara Argirò is praised for her music by most critics and fans. To decide whether you agree with them or not, attend her concert at Acapela on the 2nd of February at 8.00 pm.

hailey-tuck Jazz ConcertsHailey Tuck

Hailey Tuck, a performer with a long and unusual life story, brings back the imagery and the style of Edith Piaf. Tuck’s music is created to be a perfect soundtrack for a performance in cabaret, and she looks like a guest from the past herself. Hailey Tuck combines classic vibes and melodies with unexpected cover versions of famous songs which add even more bizarre tone to her music. If you want to see something really unusual on stage, go to Hailey Tuck’s show at Acapela on the 20th of February at 8.00 pm, and you won’t regret it.


trichotomy Jazz ConcertsTrichotomy

Trichotomy is an Australian trio, whose incredibly energetic jazz sound continues to conquer the hearts of jazz fans worldwide. Their style is classic but at the same time rich with innovative ideas. The sound of a double bass, piano, and drums have never been so rich since Trichotomy started to mix it with elements of electronic engineering. In case you are bored with old school jazz performances and if you search for something new on the modern jazz scene, go to Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama on the 10th of February at 7.45 pm and be ready to experience it!

shakatak Jazz ConcertsShakatak

Shakatak is a band that doesn’t need to be introduced to all the fans of jazz and funk music, as they are considered to be true stars within both genres. Jill Saward’s voice, together with extremely professional instrumental support, still remains an example of what a great and powerful jazz performance should really be like. The band still manages to be on the top of their popularity, not losing even a single part of their energy. On the 25th of February at 7.30 pm, you will have a great opportunity to see these jazz-funk legends live at The Globe.