Wales Arts Review Projects

Wales Arts Review Projects (WARP) is the arm of the Review that runs special creative work for a wide range of medium, from digital to audio to text and multimedia. In the past 10 years WARP has facilitated and created work all around the world, including with partners in India and Germany.

WARP has overseen collaboration with organisations such as the British Council and the Arts Council of Wales to create podcasts, YouTube content, and creative blogging and newsletter platforms focussing on the best art and creative work coming out of Wales.

Between 2020 and 2023 WARP oversaw a collaborative project with MetaArts in India on Intercut Labs that brought Welsh and Indian artists together in an exciting digital realm. WARP has also procured the Wales Arts Review Podcast, the Storyteller podcast, the Offscript podcast, and Diary of a Madman In India. In 2020 WARP also produced the Digithon fundraiser for Welsh artists financially impacted by Covid-19.

If you would like to collaborate or discuss a project, email