Wales Arts Review's  Record Store Day 2015 Playlist

Wales Arts Review’s Record Store Day 2015 Playlist

To get you in the mood for your day of vinyl-purchasing, vinyl-listening, vinyl-holding, sniffing, heavy-petting, and all general fetishist indulgences, our writers have come together to give you the ultimate playlist, all ready as a soundtrack to you getting on your glad rags for your local record store visit. Made up of our picks of sample tracks from what we believe are the finest albums to be released so far in 2015, it may even influence your purchasing decisions today.

(And, yes, before you mention it, we are all fully aware of the irony of putting out a digital playlist in support of Record Store Day, but sadly we didn’t have the money to send each of you a box of records, so this will have to do.)


Original illustration by Dean Lewis