Welsh Books for Young People: Our Best of 2022

Welsh Books for Young People: Our Best of 2022

It’s that time of year again! With Christmas nearing and 2022 drawing to a close, we take a look back at some of the best art and cultural offerings to come out of Wales this year. Today, we’re reflecting on another packed year for children’s publishing in Wales, with a rundown of our favourite books for young people to come out of Wales in 2022.

The Blue Book of Nebo – Manon Stefan Ros (Firefly Press)

An English translation of Ros’ award-winning Welsh language novel Llyfr Glas Nebo. A powerful post-apocalyptic young adult novel, set in North Wales.

The Mab – Matt Brown and Eloise Williams (Unbound)

Eleven epic stories from the Mabinogion, retold by Welsh writers in this lively volume, which abounds with magic and mystery.

The Drowned Woods – Emily Lloyd Jones (Hodder & Stoughton)

Part heist novel, part dark fairy tale, and rich with Welsh legends, The Drowned Woods is an ethereal fantasy for younger fans of fantasy fiction.

Honesty and Lies – Eloise Williams (Firefly Press)

An engaging dive into the past to explore the themes of friendship and scheming, against the backdrop of an impressive Elizabethan court.

Pumed Gainc y Mabinogi – Peredur Glyn (Y Lolfa)

Strange creatures gather in the shadows and forces beyond your understanding spread their claws in this Welsh-language volume of stories from the Fifth Branch of the Mabinogi.

Seed – Caryl Lewis (Pan Macmillan)

On Marty’s birthday, Grandad, with a glint in his eye, gifts Marty a very special seed. The seed grows bigger and bigger, and launches Grandad, Marty and his best friend Gracie on an impossible, wondrous plan fuelled by love, hopes and dreams.

The Shadow Order – Rebecca F. John (Firefly Press)

One year on from the day the shadows shifted – showing people their truest selves instead of just their shapes – best friends Teddy, Betsy and Effie plan to risk all and watch the winter sun rise over Copperwell, in defiance of the Shadow Order.

The Blackthorn Branch – Elen Caldecott (Andersen Press Ltd)

A magical adventure with a rich folkloric atmosphere. A young boy is drawn into the underworld by Fair Folk disguised as everyday children in this mysterious tale by Elen Caldecott.


Previous Winners

2021 The Short Knife by Elen Caldecott (Andersen Press)

2020Wilde by Eloise Williams (Firefly Press)
2019The Comet and the Thief  by Ruth Morgan (Gomer)