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Welsh Botticelli Confirmed as Authentic | Art

A painting in Wales that was initially thought to be a copy, has recently been confirmed as an original piece by Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli (image credit: ArtNet News)

A painting that has for more than half a century been kept in storage dismissed as a copy, has today gone on display at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, confirmed as a real Botticelli. “The Madonna and Child”, originally brought to Wales by the Davies sisters in the first part of the twentieth century, was bequeathed to the National Museum in 1952. During restoration work this year for the BBC series Britain’s Lost Masterpieces the Botticelli piece was found to be an original, just as Gwendoline Davies had always claimed.

Sandro Botticelli is an Italian Renaissance painter whose works are featured in the Sistine Chapel.

For more on this story you can read a full breakdown and interview with Britain’s Lost Masterpieces co-presenter Bendor Grosvenor here.




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