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Beca Lyne-Pirkis | Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid

Welsh cook, food writer and presenter Beca Lyne-Pirkis says ‘Get baking for the Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid campaign!’

Cakes can be at the heart of bringing families and communities together. They are often a source of comfort, and an opportunity to not only enjoy delicious treats but also to share, listen and care for each other.

welsh cakesThat’s why I am delighted to be championing March as Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid month. I’m calling on people across Wales to sign up to hold Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid events to mark International Women’s Day or at any time during March.

The campaign aims to raise vital funds for Welsh Women’s Aid, increase awareness around issues of violence against women in our communities, and encourage conversations about how we can all make change that lasts – by hosting cake sales and enjoying cake!

It’s shocking to me that violence against women remains so prevalent in our communities, that annually, the Live Fear Free Helpline, run by Welsh Women’s Aid (and funded by Welsh Government), receives more than 33,000 contacts from individuals across Wales needing support; that women in Wales report high levels of sexual harassment in the workplace; and that girls regularly face sexist bulling in schools across Wales. This is happening across all our communities in Wales.


“There is no one type of woman who experiences this. It’s everywhere, in every part of the

community and every community.” Survivor

As the national organisation working to end violence against women, Welsh Women’s Aid is working hard to pass on the strong message that this issue has devastating effects on women and their children, on families and communities, but that it’s not inevitable. It really is everybody’s business and we can all play a part in creating a positive change that lasts.

I love the ethos, look and feel of the Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid campaign which was designed by the fantastic Welsh illustrator Sarah Edmonds.  The campaign is a positive way of reaching into communities and asking for their help in an easy and fun way and I feel sure that it can actively make a difference.

So, why not sign up to host a cake sale or coffee morning at home or in a workplaces or other community venue to raise vital funds for Welsh Women’s Aid and increase awareness by starting conversations about how we can all make change. Welsh Cakes are the theme, but other Welsh national treats will do – in fact any cake at all!

If you or your organisation would like to hold a Welsh Cakes for Welsh Women’s Aid event, please sign up and download your campaign materials or contact Victoria Samuel for more information.

welsh cakes

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Anyone affected by violence against women, domestic abuse or sexual violence in Wales can contact the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 80 10 800, www.livefearfree.wales  for 24/7 confidential information and support.