Welsh Music Podcast Episode 1

Welsh Music Podcast Episode 1

In the first episode of this new podcast from Neil Collins and James Cuff, Welsh music journalist David Owens talks about how his sister’s mod boyfriend turning him into a mini-mod led him on his musical journey from creating fanzines, writing a book about Cool Cymru and interviewing the Manics in a burger bar. David also chooses 60ft Dolls’ rip-roaring debut album The Big 3 as his favourite Welsh album and induct it into the Welsh Music Hall of Fame. Featuring new music from North Wales’ finest The Montagues’ Calibrate EP.

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The Welsh Music Podcast is a weekly podcast celebrating Welsh music and culture, past and present, and the people who helped shape it. Hosted by Neil and James, two friends and former colleagues, who share a passion for music and football – especially of the Welsh variety. From Anhrefn to Zabrinski we’ll cover it all, including obscure, emerging and established artists, across the Welsh and English language spectrum. Each episode will feature a music obsessive guest who has, in some way, put Welsh music on the map. They’ll be talking about their careers and giving an in-depth analysis of their favourite Welsh album

We’re also hoping to feature one-off documentary specials exploring key moments in Welsh culture.

Get in touch if you’re a new Welsh act as we’re going to be showcasing new and emerging bands and artists at the end of each episode.