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Welsh Theatre – The Best of 2019

It’s been another fascinating year for Welsh theatre; so here is Wales Arts Review’s highlights, the ten best productions to be put on in Wales by Welsh companies in 2019, as chosen by our critics.

Welsh theatre
Les Mis by August012; (photo credit: Jorge Lizalde)

Wales Arts Review’s Top 10 Stage Productions of the Year

Y Brain/Kargalar (Be Aware)

peeling (Taking Flight)

Robinson: The Other Island (Give it a Name)

Neither Here Nor There (Jo Fong/Sonia Hughes)

Anweledig (Fran Wen)

Les Mis (august012)

Into the Light(Hijinx/La Teatro Ribalta)

A Night at the Clink (Papertrail)

Eye of the Storm (Theatr na n’Og)

Louder is Not Always Clearer (Mr and Mrs Clark)


Join us on December 20th for the announcement of our No.1 Welsh production of 2019 from this list of 10.

Thanks to Caragh Medlicott, Nicholas Davies, Taylor Edmunds, Emily Garside, Jafar Iqbal, Grace Perkins, Gary Raymond, Georgia Winstone-Cooper, Josie Cray, Gemma Pearson, and Tracey Rhys-Cook for their contributions to this list.

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