• Live Comedy Esyllt Sears

    Esyllt Sears on Live Comedy in 2021

    After being devastated by the impact of the coronavirus, will we see the live comedy industry make a comeback in 2021? Welsh writer and comedian Esyllt Sears, recently appointed to […]

  • Cinema

    Why Cinema Will Bounce Back

    As we approach the anniversary of COVID-19 reaching pandemic status, Caragh Medlicott recounts the reasons to be optimistic about cinema’s ability to outlast the current health crisis and recapture our […]

  • Ghost Fishing_diving

    Christine Grosart | Ghost Fishing UK

    On the back of her recognition in BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Power List 2020, Christine Grosart talks to Holly McElroy about diving and her work with Ghost Fishing UK. […]

  • Inhale/Exile Abeer Ameer

    Poetry | Inhale/Exile by Abeer Ameer

    Thomas Tyrrell reviews the debut poetry collection Inhale/Exile by Abeer Ameer, a poet drawing on her Iraqi heritage living to write about her life in Cardiff. Abeer Ameer is one […]

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