• stowaway

    Poetry ~ Stowaway by Richard Gwyn

    For a book written by a Welshman, published by a Welsh press, supported by the Welsh Books Council and reviewed in Wales Arts Review, it is remarkably reticent about Wales […]

  • meme

    Meme and Meme Again: A Generational Thing?

    Nia Edwards-Behi asks if we have missed an opportunity to have a serious open discussion about what is appropriate and what is not in the meme culture of public debate. Just when […]

  • innovative poetry

    Wales and Innovative Poetry: Part 1

    Editors John Goodby and Lyndon Davies introduce a ground-breaking new anthology of Welsh poetry that showcases a strong tradition of experimentalism, The Edge of Necessary: Wales and Innovative Poetry. In this […]

  • hidden

    Hidden Heroines: The Shortlist

    Who Will Be Your Welsh Hidden Heroine? Vote to decide who will be immortalised as the first public statue of a historical Welsh woman in Wales. Elizabeth Andrews (1882-1960) A Welsh-speaking […]

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