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Close engagement with the arts in Wales has revealed a richness and diversity of creativity that has inspired each one of our contributors. Wales Arts Review has played a significant role in bringing to public attention the world-class arts-makers and writers of Wales. We view our role as supportive of the Welsh arts but that is only meaningful if as critics we are also forthright and incisive. We are creating a national record for the arts in Wales, and for future generations to study. Most importantly, we publish well-written, passionate and informative articles that are a pleasure to read in themselves, and not merely to be quoted on posters.

Founded in March 2012, Wales Arts Review is a new media platform where a new generation of critics and arts lovers can meet to engage in a robust and inclusive discussion about books, theatre, film, music, the visual arts, politics, and the media.

In the years since we started, we have published nearly 2,000 articles by over 250 writers.

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