Upheld NTW Appeal Rejected by Arts Council

The Arts Council of Wales has today called an end to the appeals process phase of the funding investment review after it rejected the upheld appeal of National Theatre Wales to the decision which saw a withdrawal of 100% of NTW’s Arts Council funding.

After the September announcement of the funding decisions, fifteen organisations appealed the decision, of which only one, that filed by National Theatre Wales, was progressed to the hearing stage. Last week, the undefended panel announced that it had upheld NTW’s appeal. In NTW’s statement from December 7th, it was claimed “The independent panel has found that Arts Council Wales has not followed its own procedures in fairly and transparently assessing our application”.

Today, however, the Arts Council announced that they “agreed unanimously that there were no material factors to warrant review and reassessment of the [NTW] application and therefore decided to uphold its original decision not to offer NTW multi-year funding in the Investment Review 2023. In reaching this decision, Council placed particular weight on the Investment Review Guidance and that the assessment process described had been followed in full.”

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