Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Abolish the Welsh Assembly | 2021 Senedd Elections

The Welsh Government elected at the 2021 Senedd election will have the power to make laws that affect the daily lives of artists, performers and creators the length and breadth of Wales. From the sectors’ recovery post-pandemic to funding for arts organisations and creative community projects, we gave the leaders of the main political parties a chance to share their vision for arts and culture in our election spotlight series. 

We approached the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party for contribution to this series, but received no reply. Abolish have been clear in their campaigning message that they are a one-issue party. You can read a quote from Abolish’s Statement of Policy below:

‘Abolish has one policy. That is to abolish the Welsh Assembly (Senedd) to end devolved government in Wales. We should be one United Kingdom again, with one UK government. This means:

  • Removing a whole layer of politicians, 60 already in Cardiff Bay but soon to be up to 90, and saving the £65+ million annually needed to support them
  • Giving tax powers back to Westminster, so we can’t be made to pay more tax in a Wales made so much poorer by devolution
  • Restoring one National Health Service, so patients in Wales can be treated equally to England, with shorter waiting times and better health outcomes
  • Allowing academies and free schools to set up in Wales to offer a better choice of schools, including the subjects taught and language used
  • Ending the one million Welsh speakers target, with the public sector to communicate in Welsh on request rather than sending out everything bilingually’

You can read more about Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party and its policies on their website.