Aderyn and amateur theatre group Collaboration

Aderyn and amateur theatre group Collaboration

Wales-based indie songwriters Aderyn and amateur theatre group have collaborated to produce “Yearning when i Sleep”, a pair of covers of each other’s songs, in order to raise funds and awareness for Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service and Calan DVS.

“Yearning when i sleep” is a two-part release from Aderyn and amateur theatre group, featuring the pair’s cover of their favourite song by the other artist. The title is drawn from a combination of both songs and includes Aderyn covering “when i sleep” from amateur theatre group’s 2022 release, ep1. Despite the track still capturing much of the original’s more sombre atmosphere, Aderyn’s own insuppressible brand of infectious indie-pop shines brighter as the cover crescendos toward its end.

Track two is amateur theatre group’s version of “Yearning”, a brokenhearted love song released by Aderyn as a single on Valentine’s Day last year. It is somewhat of a departure from the original, muted and ethereal while pulsing at a slower tempo, offering an alternative reflection on the track’s title.

Triskel Award-winning singer-songwriter Aderyn (Lisa Martin) spent her youth in Powys, an area covered by Calan DVS who are among the biggest domestic abuse charities in Wales. Their service focuses on helping those in crisis, providing five refuges with immediate and long-term support, while also supplying community education in order to break the still significant taboo surrounding domestic violence.

Andrew James Murphy, who releases music under the moniker amateur theatre group, currently lives in Powys having grown up in Shropshire, where Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service offers a similar combination of safe accommodation and outreach for people of any gender and any age who might be suffering due to domestic abuse.

Talking about the release, Aderyn has opened up about the pair’s determination to raise awareness about the work of these two local charities: “Raising money for domestic violence charities is something Andrew and I are both passionate about, so we decided to collaborate. Andrew came to me with the idea of covering one another’s songs, and I was excited by the prospect of finding ways to bring the Aderyn sound to his music, and vice versa. Andrew is such a talented songwriter, that it was a pleasure to be able to put my spin on his lyrics for this project. It’s a cause I’ve had a lot of experience with/of, and so wanted to use the one thing I really can – music – to help some local charities who are working desperately to help people in similar situations from those same communities.”

“Yearning when i sleep” is available exclusively on Bandcamp and is streaming now. Proceeds raised will be passed to Calan DVS and Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service.