Andrew Ogun - Agent for Change

Arts Council of Wales appoints ‘Agent for Change’

The Arts Council have appointed writer, designer and activist Andrew Ogun as an ‘Agent for Change’ – fulfilling a commitment to make access to arts activities fairer and more equal in Wales. 

Taking up the role of ‘Agent for Change’, Andrew Ogun will be working at the heart of the Arts Council applying his expertise to help establish a pathway to inclusion and fairness while identifying barriers along the way.

Ogun is active across the sector; he launched his own clothing brand, SUPERNOVA, aged seventeen, and is also a published writer and poet. In addition to his creative pursuits, Ogun has been heavily involved in the organisation of Black Lives Matter activities in Wales – establishing the movement in Gwent and arranging the Newport BLM march last summer (which totalled over 2000 attendees). 

Speaking of his appointment, Ogun commented, “I look forward very much to starting in the role of Agent for Change with the Arts Council of Wales and indeed working with the wider arts sector – which is itself such an important agent for change in our society”.

The post will run for an initial two-year period. The role was first set out in the Council’s Black Lives Matter statement, supporting the #WeShallNotBeRemoved campaign and its Seven Inclusive Principles for Inclusive Recovery.

Phil George, Arts Council of Wales Chair, said:

“The Arts Council of Wales has made a clear commitment to change. No‑one can be unaware of the disproportionate impact of the Covid‑19 virus on diverse communities and disabled people.  As we emerge from Covid restrictions it’s essential that those communities that have previously felt marginalised and ignored are able to take their proper place in our cultural recovery.  

Commitment is all very well, but communities are telling us that this is not the time for ‘conversations’ but for action. We need to translate our commitment into action, and the “Agent for Change” will help lead this. Andrew will have the full and engaged support of Council.”

You can find out more about the Arts Council for Wales’ Agent for Change role here.