The Milifan by Matthew Harding | Cartoon

Matthew Harding’s latest #GE2015 cartoon as he looks at the difference between David Cameron’s support and Ed Miliband’s Milifan.

“The Milifan” by Matthew Harding

Wales Arts Review Milifan Matthew Harding












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Originally from Wales, Sophie Perry is currently studying for her PhD in Environmental Education and Engagement at King’s College London, where she also teaches undergraduate and Masters students about environment and society. In addition to her academic work, Sophie is the Manager of Einstein’s Garden – a science engagement area at Green Man Festival. This year, Sophie has been part of the team commissioning a new climate-focused art installation for the festival, funded by the Green Man Trust, which is the charitable arm of the festival. While the fine details remain under wraps, Caragh Medlicott caught up with Sophie to hear more about the power of art to communicate beyond facts and fear, and why climate activism can take many forms.


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