Early In The Morning by Bandicoot | Video of the Week

Early In The Morning by Bandicoot | Video of the Week

This is Video of the Week from Wales Arts Review. We’ll be showcasing some of the best art in Wales with a new video shared every week. From music to drama and everything in between, videos will not be limited by medium. Today’s video is ‘Early In The Morning’ by Bandicoot. 

This week we take a look at the music video for ‘Early In The Morning’ from Bandicoot, a four-piece band from Swansea. The track is pulled from their debut album, Black After Dark, that was released recently on March 4 2022. The music video features the band all together, as images of nature gloss over them – the video enhancing the deep, reflective sound of the song.

The band consists of lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Rhys Underdown, bassist Kieran Doe, guitarist Tom Emlyn and drummer Billy Stillman. In an interview with Cath Holland, Rhys Underdown commented on the making of ‘Black After Dark’, sayingthere was an element when we were writing the songs and shutting our eyes, trusting that whatever we were coming up with would somehow just fit.” 

Underdown also commented on the new track, ‘Early In The Morning’, saying: 

Early In The Morning’ is a love song in three parts which took five years to write. It begins in Swansea, with the serenity of watching a loved one sleeping. It moves to a hotel in Aberystwyth, as a storm rages on the seafront, and then ends with departure, loss, heartbreak, where dreams and reality are confused and time seems to thunder through. You look back at certain songs and wonder how they came about, and this is one of those that seemed to write itself in the very rain falling outside.” 

Watch the video for Early In The Morning by Bandicoot below.

‘Black After Dark’ is now available to stream on Spotify.