Flash Fiction Month | 'Live Lounge Limpidity' by Rhys Milsom

Flash Fiction Month | ‘Live Lounge Limpidity’ by Rhys Milsom

Live Lounge is buzzin. Smelly, like. Sweat an perfume an loads o aftershave an a puke-sweet smell ew ger when a pint o cider’s spilt on top o beer n shots n other shit n it stinks so hard ewer nostrils burn worse an when ew av a bump o coke from some smack-ed’s palm.

I’m still oldin a key I rammed into tha dicked’s eye n I’ve been oldin ir so tight tha there’s blood runnin down my fingers n I look ar it n I carn elp thinkin of red grass-snakes. Ee deserved it o didn ee? All I was up to was askin er for a fag n en I fell n en ees kicin me in uh ribs. I carn jus ler people kick me in. I ope I blinded uh cunt, ee wun be able to kick anyone else in en will ee?

Iss really ard to move around in yuh tonight, fuckin busy n iss full of posho student fucks with eyr George Michael looks goin on, double-denim n ohz angin gay boots eyr all wearin a make em look like tapdancers o sumin. I force my way past a group o kids bu one of em, face like a ripped dap n teeth like a piano, wun move n eez glaring a me like I jus fucked iz mam. I turn to im n bare my teeth like a pitbull n eyr full o blood from a guy kickin me n ee jus sortuh keeps lookin bu focuses on uh bar behind me. Cunt. I grab iz pint from iz greasy paw n spit ini n en down ir all n squirt uh beer back in n give ir back to im. Ee duzn say anythin or do anythin. Just stands eh lookin like a poof with iz tapdancin shoes.

I need a piss, cozza beer from earlier is rinsin my bladder n ah guy probly kicked a lotta uh piss to the end o my dick. I go up uh stairs to the toilets n I’m really appy tha ehrs no fuckin guy tryin to sell me a squirt o Preemark aftershave for uh price of a pint n I lean on one of uh sinks n close my eyes n think abou whether id be worth gerrin money out bu en I think fuck it I’ll pay on my card coz I carn be arsed to go over the road to uh cash machine. I look up into uh mirror n see my eyes swellin up n I go closer n see some water buildin up in my eyes like wen a toilet’s blocked n en suddenly the water comes out o my eyes loads n my eyes burn n sting n en I’m gaspin n carn speak n I go to a cubicle n lock uh door n touch the water on my face n it feels like blood bu iss not.