'I Don't Know' By Angharad: Video of the Week

‘I Don’t Know’ By Angharad: Video of the Week

This is Video of the Week from Wales Arts Review. We’ll be showcasing some of the best art in Wales with a new video shared every week. From music to drama and everything in between, videos will not be limited by medium. Today’s video is the new single ‘I Don’t Know’ by musician and songwriter, Angharad.

We’re easing our way into autumn with a reflective Video of the Week from Angharad this week. Angharad is the alt-pop project of Angharad Jenkins, a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist from Swansea, recently shortlisted for the prestigious Welsh Music Prize.

Taken from Angharad’s debut album, Motherland, the release of ‘I Don’t Know How’ follows the success of her song ‘Postpartum’ and continues the theme of acceptance and change, with a focus on the effects of ageing on the female body. The black and white video offers a gentle celebration of our bodies, challenging societal pressure to stay looking youthful and defy ageing. The song continues Angharad’s focus on the impact of motherhood on her body and mindset, which she admits she has been exploring in recent times.

Earlier this summer Angharad told Wales Arts Review about how this focus developed as a result of her life experiences: “Secretly, over the past two years I’ve been writing songs about the joys and horrors of motherhood, in a genre that is so new to me as a musician. Previously I played almost exclusively instrumental music on my violin, but since having children I’ve found a voice.  Literally a singing voice, but also words, and messages and stories that need to be told.”

“This is my acceptance song.” Explains Angharad. “Accepting aging and time’s effects on the body. It’s about being happy in your own skin, and where you are on life’s trajectory. It’s about resisting society’s obsession with looking youthful.”

“I don’t want to surrender to society’s expectations to remain looking youthful as long as possible. I believe there is real beauty in aging… Beauty lies within the eye of the beholder. Beauty isn’t superficial, it’s more than a picture.”

‘I Don’t Know’ is available to stream now via Libertino Records.

You can read Angharad’s responses to our Artist’s Q&A here.